07-09-05 . 10:03 am

While, unlike the other times when I don't write for a couple of days, I've actually felt motivated to write- I've refrained from doing so because all it would result in would be kind of senseless babbling. (More than usual...). And, boy, could I do a lot of bitching on why I'm straightedge right about now, but I won't, cause I'll just make myself really irritated....

So, here, in appropriately stupid bullet point format, here is my week/day/thing:

Four hour long aim conversations
My bottom lip turning into one big open wound
Bleeding when I talk.
Waking up covered in blood
Extensive nosebleeds, cuts, and bruises
I swear Bert McCracken can't read.
The Downtown LA flower market
Hopping fences and climbing onto school roofs
Combat Baby
Getting dirty looks for screaming "What the fuck is wrong with you you stupid pansy?!"
Dr. Phil.
Extensive Snapple theft
Trying to break into the Mason's Lodge. Damn Masons.
Losing my poetry notebook :(
Being sanded
Waiting for an hour and a half in the DMV and watching travel videos for the Grand Canyon.
"Did he just say "Shave my fucking head and never be afraid again?'"
Punk rock autoharp.
Actually getting work done.
Not getting any work done and just sleeping on the floor of the library.
Weird Super Secret Twin ESP(n) dreams.
Not dreaming about Davey.
Almost passing out and not being able to see
Not having anymore eyeliner
Not enough caffeine
Theda Bara
Losing a West Coast is Better competition due to horrible outnumbering
Waycest= B A D
Being educated

And finally:

aerosolburn: I eat them a lot, however, so I'll just assume that I'm not consuming evil frozen food...

mouth is dry: but you love the devil

aerosolburn:That's true...I do love Satan...
aerosolburn:Well, all religious iconography...
aerosolburn:My mom bought me this BEAUTIFUL picture of a saint on ebay. She had all these knives stuck in her.

mouth is dry: exactly

aersolburn: And what could be better than THAT?

mouth is dry: um....gerard....on your bed

+ + + +