2004-03-15 . 9:12 p.m.

Do you know what I find incredibly irritating?

Well, okay, a lot of things. But anna know one of my absolute top peeves??

People who think that spelling rock with an 'aw' (i.e. "rawk"). Especially when that word follows the word punk.

Punk Rawk?

PUNK rawk??

punk RAWK???


That's giving punks a bad name. That's making them (us?) a bad name. Come on people. Just because fucking Avril Lavigne does not know how to spell, does not mean we should forsake being literate and give up all attempts at correct spelling. That's pathetic.

So if any of anyone is reading this, and you still think that shorthand is cool, YOU ARE SOOOOO WRONG. So pathetically and entirely wrong, it's sick. Sick.

I was just browsing other people's diaries for good templates (better than this one) and you honestly would not believe how many morons would put "Mest- Another Great Punk Rawk Band" on their profiles.

Two things very wrong with that statement.

Very, very wrong.

1.) Mest, from all I have heard, is pop punk. They did a duet with Benji for god's sake. How punk is that??? (All of you should also know: I am a firm believer in GC, but I at least know what they are and do not think that they are AT ALL punk.)

2.) They freakin spelled rock "rawk".


May all of you **burn in hell** for writing that and thinking you are cool.

Because you're just not.

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